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Q: Was it a planned move to the south? 

Ans.: I never knew that one day I will act in Telugu and Tamil films. Having said that, I must add that it was not an accidental entry into films either. To be sure, I always wanted to be in the glamour world. Even when I was studying in Sophia College in Mumbai, I tried for a foothold in the TV. I did a sample shoot for Channel V. Of course, it never got to see the light of the day. But my photo somehow landed in some of the ad agencies. And before long I was a model.

Q: What was the ad world like?

Ans.: I modelled for some top of the line products like Nescafe, Lux and Clinic. Overall, I have done about 45 ad films. I also acted in a couple of music videos. It was then that Chitram happened.

Q: Can you tell us how the film happened?

Ans.: The offer came out of the blue. Once I heard the story, I jumped at it. For, very seldom does one get a role with so much substance. I was lucky enough to get that in my first movie itself.

Q: Was it Chitram or Cheli that gave you more satisfaction?

Ans.: I cannot really differentiate between the two. My performance in Chitram, as a college girl who becomes pregnant even before marriage, won me rave reviews. In my second movie, Cheli, my role was very strong. As a yuppie executive, torn between my bridegroom and the man who had impersonated him, I had enough scope to exhibit my talent and understanding of the subject. Touch wood, my first two films have had scope for showing good acting skills.

Q: Then why do a film like Baava Nachchadu…?

Ans.: I know that my role in the film was a bit glamorous. But that is a part and parcel of all films. Even here, my character was well etched out though I had to wear clothes that were quite different from my earlier films. I guess the exposure left my fans a bit surprised.

Q: What are the projects you have on hand now?

Ans.: I have now signed up a couple of films in Hindi. I am also likely to do the Hindi remake of Cheli. Besides this, I am doing a film with my first on-screen hero, Udhay Kiron, for Sumath Arts in Telugu. Working with him (Udhay) is very good. We proved our success in our debut venture itself. Also, I achieved some popularity in Tamil too, thanks to the good showing of Minnale. 

Q: With fame has come rumours… between you and …?

Ans.: Whatever you read in the glossies is nothing but somebody’s imagination. I have been linked to Sunny Deol. All I can say is this is sheer sensationalism. 

Sen. Sensation. Sensationalism. Alliteratively alluring isn’t it?